Beyond Logistics. Temperature controlled logistics

To provide essential cold chain infrastructure

Our partners’ products are vital to society. So is the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. That is why we are here.

The most flexible solutions

We provide solutions that can optimise our partners’ supply chains and infrastructure. We strive to be a highly-flexible, temperature controlled logistics and real estate partner.

Dedication to our partners

With ears to the ground and eyes on the horizon, we do the utmost to enhance our partners’ businesses.

Carlos Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Carlos provides strategic leadership and oversees all aspects of the company including cold storage buy-and-build, network development, integration and large scale solutions. Key focus on people and values with a progressive attitude to support and grow with our partners beyond logistics.

Carlos brings 28 years of leadership experience in the temperature controlled logistics sector and supply chain industry. Prior to Coldpoint, Carlos served as Co-Founder and CEO of AGRO Merchants Group (AGRO) and Board member of the IARW. Before building AGRO, Carlos was a member of the Americold Executive Team with responsibility for Solutions, Engineering, Planning & Development.